Harlequin Love Inspired®

Returning to his hometown to clean up his late parents’ home, professor Heath Underwood has no intention of making his stay permanent. Especially when he discovers his neighbor is a beekeeper. But avoiding widow Ali Harding proves difficult when her eight-year-old son bonds with Heath and his dog. As he spends more time with them, Heath’s fear of bees—and heartbreak—could stand in the way of a happily-ever-after.

New Novella

Grace Meriweather is ready to make a life change until a vacation to a quaint Irish town turns her plans upside down. With an age gap and wounded hearts standing in the way of a second chance at romance, will Grace take the plunge and rediscover that life is full of unexpected possibilities?


Historical Romance

She mustn't make a match with a poor privateer...


Felicity Barrow needs a respected husband with a title or money. Her family sent her abroad to escape scandal and make a proper match, but she finds the honorable Captain Doyle easiest to speak and dance with despite their most shocking introduction.



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