Harlequin Love Inspired®

He can't fall for the chef at the Azalea Inn when he wants to buy the struggling business for himself.


Becoming the chef at her aunt’s small-town inn is exactly the new beginning single mom Lindsey Judd needs. But balancing her job with her twin boys proves harder than she thought, especially when she discovers that lawyer Donovan Ainsworth wants to buy the inn for his own reasons. As Donovan starts to fall for Lindsey and her boys, will her little troublemakers become unwitting matchmakers ?




Historical Romance

She mustn't make a match with a poor privateer...


Felicity Barrow needs a respected husband with a title or money. Her family sent her abroad to escape scandal and make a proper match, but she finds the honorable Captain Doyle easiest to speak and dance with despite their most shocking introduction.






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