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On March 15, 1767, in a backwoods settlement in the Carolinas, Andrew Jackson was born into poverty, but eventually rose to become a wealthy and successful lawyer and politician.


Whether you love him or hate him, the controversial Andrew Jackson was one of the most influential presidents of his day. Take a closer look at “Old Hickory” and his impact on American history.

Queen Victoria

Almost 200 years ago, the cries of a newborn baby echoed through the halls of London's Kensington Palace. No one who celebrated Princess Victoria's birth in the late spring of 1819 could have imagined that the little girl born fifth in line to the English throne would be the ruling monarch of the United Kingdom in just a few short years.

The 19th century was a time of great change. For Princess Alexandrina Victoria, misfortune would strike early with the loss of her father, a lonely childhood, and a mother determined to control her.

As teen queen, Queen Victoria ruled with a stubbornness, strength, and humility that nourished the advancement of the Industrial Revolution, soothed the tempers of European warmongers, and changed life in England in diverse and sometimes controversial ways. Through her published journals and letters, this beloved figure has come to be known as more than just an aristocratic young woman with a crown, but a queen for the ages.

Victoria ruled on her own terms for an astounding 63 years. She survived illness, political plots, the birth of nine children, assassination attempts, and a personal heartbreak that would transform her from a royal ruling mother into a mourning widow. Through it all, she maintained an iron determination to finish her course. Under her reign, the United Kingdom reached its historic peak of world power and dominion, influencing change and life around the globe.

A small woman with glowing, round eyes and a ready wit, Queen Victoria is remembered today as the charming giantess who ruled while the sun never set on the British Empire.


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U.S. History





Today, some see Illinois as the Land of Lincoln, the home of Chicago, the "windy city," and the former address of President Barack Obama, our 44th president. Over 200 years ago, Illinois had a different face. It was the 18th Century Wild West — a frontier on the edge of the United States without any major cities, but plenty of Indians and determined colonists...


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Career Books for Teens

What makes an airline captain, and how did they end up flying your plane? What makes air travel dangerous, and what makes it safe? Do you have what it takes to command a jet costing over one hundred million dollars, and, more importantly, can you accept the life-long challenge of keeping the flying public safe?


This book explains everything from getting your education to passing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) practical test.


With the job market only growing, and the average salary being over six figures, this might be the perfect career for the adrenaline-hunting, risk-taking, and thrill-seeking young adult.


Sit down, and strap in this book will take you on the adventurous ride of becoming a commercial airline pilot.


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A Daniel Defoe Biography



Learn about the adventurer, scoundrel, and opinionated Daniel Defoe in his own words. This educational and entertaining web page was created as a student project for Brigham Young University-Idaho.


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