Whether you love him or hate him, the controversial Andrew Jackson was one of the most influential presidents of his day. Take a closer look at “Old Hickory” and his impact on American history.

Under her reign, the United Kingdom reached its historic peak of world power and dominion, influencing change and life around the globe. Queen Victoria is remembered today as the charming giantess who ruled while the sun never set on the British Empire.

What makes an airline captain, and how did they end up flying your plane? What makes air travel dangerous, and what makes it safe? Do you have what it takes to command a jet costing over one hundred million dollars, and more importantly, can you accept the life-long challenge of keeping the flying public safe? Sit down and strap in. This book will take you on the adventurous ride of becoming a commercial airline pilot.


Today, some see Illinois as the Land of Lincoln, the home of Chicago, the "windy city," and the former address of President Barack Obama, our 44th president. Over 200 years ago, Illinois had a different face. It was the 18th Century Wild West — a frontier on the edge of the United States without any major cities, but plenty of Native Americans and determined colonists...









The  Industrial Revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries saw a period of technological, historical, and even social advancements. In today’s modern world, we often take important inventions like these for granted, but without these female inventors we’d be living vastly different lives.

"Danielle Thorne never forgot her Yankee heritage, even as the beauty of the South shaped and influenced her paths. This is the [poetry] volume of a young woman finding her way through the mire of family roots, tradition, motherhood, and the society of the South."