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Sea turtles may be endangered but after an encounter with marine biologist, Jack Brandon, nothing will stop Sara Hart from naming her deli, Turtle Soup. When Jack takes a job at the Georgia Aquarium, Sara finds the environmental poster boy at her door, hungry and carrying a chip on his shoulder. Neither thinks the other has what it takes, until a scuba class reveals what lies beneath the surface.



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She came around the corner in response to the front door's bell. The girl from the airport, the one with his book, had hair piled up on top of her head, gold hoops hanging from her earlobes.

"Oh," she said, but something told him she suspected this moment would come. He glanced down the street to the aquarium. Turtle Soup? He felt a flicker of ridicule.

"Hey!" sang Conner. He pointed his finger and looked back at Jack. "Look! It's our little friend."

She smiled. "Sara Hart. You get tired of seafood?"

Conner went into pickup mode. "You never called."

"You never asked me to."

"I've been waiting for you to come by with my planner."

"You carry a planner?"

Jack felt like he was going to throw up. "If he did I'm sure you'd return it to him."

A cloud of menace passed over her face. "I didn't expect to see you in here. Wouldn't a place like this be against your principles?"

"Not unless you actually serve turtle."

"I cook clams," she said coolly. "I'd use turtle if I could get a hold of it."

"They're endangered, sweetheart."

She jerked back at his meaningless term of endearment. "I hear they're pretty tasty."

"Just because something's tasty," he answered, glancing over the counter at her waistline, "doesn't mean it's worth the trouble."




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"Witty, original and unexpected, this is a delightful read."--Long and Short


"The battle between these strong and well-defined characters is fun to follow! 4.5 Stars" Reviewed by Martha E.


"A story of love lost and the ability to find love again. Rated YOU GOTTA READ!"--You Gotta Read Reviews